5 Popular Products from Korea That You Can Resell in the Philippines

5 Popular Products from Korea That You Can Resell in the Philippines

Published by PinoyBoxDelivery.com Admin  ·  December 7, 2023

Introducing South Korean products into your inventory is a good business strategy that offers certain advantages. First, due to the surge in the popularity of K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Beauty, the Philippine market is already well aware of what South Korea has to offer in terms of consumer goods. It’s safe to say that brands from the said country have earned a reputation for quality, innovative design, and uniqueness–features that make them attractive to a wide range of buyers. Second, there’s a passionate and dedicated fan base for Korean products in the Philippines. These consumers are keen on getting their hands on products and other sought-after items from the brands or the groups that they follow.

By offering a diverse selection of Korean products, your retail business can attract new customers, boost sales, and foster a loyal customer base, ultimately enhancing its overall profitability and market competitiveness. Of course, this raises the question: which popular consumer items should you consider shipping from South Korea to the Philippines? Here are a few of the types of products that you can resell locally.

Skincare and Beauty Products from Korea

Brands from South Korea have taken the beauty and skincare industry by storm, and this makes them an excellent addition to any retailer's inventory. The Korean beauty regimen, known for its emphasis on flawless and radiant skin, has garnered a dedicated following among Filipino consumers. Offering a range of skincare and beauty products from trusted South Korean brands enables your store to cater to the growing demand for skincare essentials, makeup, and innovative beauty tools.

Now, it’s not enough to simply stock up on beauty and skincare supplies and tools from Korea. It’s a good choice to prioritize well-established and reputable beauty and skincare brands that are known for their high-quality formulations and extensive product lines. If you want to reach a lot of people, it’s always a good idea to diversify your selection and see which items will be a hit with your customers.

Including skincare basics like cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and sheet masks in your inventory is a practical step. BB creams, eye shadow palettes, lip tins, and powder blushes are also good options if you want to focus on beauty and makeup. You can also opt to keep up with the latest beauty trends, as doing so will allow you to determine which items will be in high demand in the coming months.

Fashion and Apparel

American fashion brands such as Nordstrom, Nike, and Levi’s are synonymous with quality, style, and craftsmanship. Their clothing, shoes, and accessories also cater to various fashion preferences and trends, making them valued items by fashionistas from the Philippines and around the world. What’s more, a lot of American clothing labels are known for their all-inclusive garments that fit a wide range of body types and sizes. By offering popular American fashion brands, you can tap into the vibrant fashion-conscious market and provide your customers with a variety of trendy, high-quality apparel.

K-Pop Merchandise like Albums, Posters, and Accessories

K-Pop has a massive and passionate fan base in the Philippines, making K-Pop merchandise a lucrative category for local businesses. From albums and posters to clothing and accessories adorned with K-Pop group logos and designs, there are numerous products that you can offer to an eager market. It makes sense to stock up on authentic items that are affiliated with some of the biggest groups in the music business. At the same time, though, don’t discount merchandise from emerging groups, as these often have a growing fanbase. Official concert merchandise, light sticks, photo cards, and apparel typically cater to the diverse interests of local K-Pop enthusiasts.

Korean Clothes, Accessories, and Other Fashion Items

South Korea is at the forefront of global fashion trends these days, so the sartorial scene in the country is pretty vibrant. Many of the clothes that come from Korean fashion houses seamlessly fuse elements from various styles, such as minimalism, vintage, and urban streetwear. This typically results in a trendy and eclectic look. Then, there’s also the streetwear scene in the country, which often presents edgy and experimental styles and unconventional combinations. This range in style, in part, makes Korean clothes and accessories popular to Filipino consumers who favor fashion-forward looks as well as those who prefer minimalist and subdued styles.

There are Korean clothes, shoes, and accessories for every budget, but it’s best to stock up on items that follow current trends and appeal to the local market. Of course, you should also consider the climate that your customers experience whenever you're choosing clothes from Korea. If you want to focus on the basics and appeal to a larger market, you can buy clothes like dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and pants. If you want to specialize in Korean fashion items, though, you can buy shoes, accessories, and jewelry to add to your inventory and cater to different style preferences.

Korean Snacks, Beverages, Ingredients, and Food items

Many Filipinos have also acquired a taste for Korean food items like snacks, beverages, and even cooking ingredients. You can add these items to your inventory and help satisfy the craving of many people in the country. Bring authentic flavors close to your customers by stocking up on food products made by Korean brands. Instant noodles, flavored seaweed, rice crackers, chocolates, and candies from Korea are well-regarded in the Philippines. Test and see which of the brands that sell them offer the best prices and tastes. This way, you can share your favorite items with your paying customers.

Korean Devices and Electronics

Plenty of global electronic and technology companies call South Korea home, and many of the brands under these businesses are known for their quality and use of cutting-edge technology. At the same time, there are many local consumers who prefer to own smartphones, TVs, and other home and kitchen appliances from reputable Korean brands. It’s a good strategy for local businesses to stock up on the latest device and electronics models from South Korea in anticipation of the demand from tech-savvy customers from the Philippines.

Korean products are expected to remain relatively popular in the Philippines, so now is a good time to begin selling these items in your retail store. Start with these 5 popular product types and see which ones will best match the needs of your existing and future customers.