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Why PinoyBoxDelivery?

Trusted By Many

Since the launch of our company in 2013, PinoyBoxDelivery has become one of the leading logistics platforms in the country for shipping international goods. We've now gained a track record solid enough to be trusted not only by individual hobbyists and experienced pasabuyers, but also businesses that want to offer a larger repertoire of imported goods to their customers.

Have A Long Established Business Model

There are no big secrets or shortcuts to what we do–only a business model that has served us, our logistics partners, and our customers for the better part of a decade.

PinoyBoxDelivery's business model is anchored on two things:

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use website for making international shipping arrangements with our global shipping partners.
  • High-touch account service and aftersales support for our clients.

Can Help You Grow

Whether you're a beginning entrepreneur who wants to share their love for collectibles and other memorabilia to other Pinoys, a seasoned business owner of high-end hobby items that are sourced abroad, or a burgeoning reseller of international goods that's based in a mall or popular ecommerce platform, PinoyBoxDelivery can help you grow your company.

Shop. Ship. Receive.

Our process here at PinoyBoxDelivery is as easy as 1-2-3! Really.   Learn more

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1. Shop

Browse your favorite stores and have your packages delivered to our overseas warehouse address.

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2. Ship

Pay for your box and have it shipped to your PH address.

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3. Receive

Sit back, relax, and wait for your box of goodies to arrive

Here, There and Everywhere

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PinoyBoxDelivery is known for the large number of countries included in our logistics network. We currently ship from over ten countries, including Canada, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We're always growing our network, so check our website often to see where else we'll be able to ship from in the future!

We Run a Tight Ship

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PinoyBoxDelivery is an agile shipping platform that's always up to date with trends in international logistics. We are the perfect shipping partner for madiskarteng Pinoy entrepreneurs, as we can help our clients navigate the international market while still fulfilling their customers' obligations.

We make it a point to keep good relationships with both our partners in our international logistics network and our client businesses who entrust us with regular shipments. Over the years, this simple formula has netted PinoyBoxDelivery thousands of registrations. This should give you an idea of how tightly we run our ship, how much our client businesses trust us, and how many referrals come our way.

Arrange international shipment for your business through PinoyBoxDelivery and you can be assured that your shipment will get delivered to you without a hitch. Here's what we can promise on our end:

Stand and Deliver

Our box quality is second to none. PinoyBoxDelivery's boxes come in a variety of sizes, tailored to fit your shipments and keep them safe. Choose from "baby-sized" 18" x 18" x 15" boxes to custom-sized boxes that we can give you a quotation on.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

With PinoyBoxDelivery facilitating your shipping, you can say goodbye to mishandled packages and outrageous shipping fees. Trust our service even with bulk package orders, and expect streamlined shopping, payment, and shipping experiences each and every time..

Handled With Care

We're pros at what we do and we'll make sure your parcel gets delivered on time and in one piece. Take advantage of PinoyBoxDelivery's extensive experience at handling shipments for fragile and high-value items.

Secure Payments

You can easily pay for your shipments via credit card, bank deposit, or over the counter through our trusted payment partners. Create an account on PinoyBoxDelivery now and complete a shipping order as easily as you would check out an item on an online store.

Leave The Logistics To Us

From shoes to side tables to limited edition memorabilia and everything in between, PinoyBoxDelivery will get your goods to the country on time and in one piece. We' ll save you the trouble you often associate with international shipping and remove the roadblocks that would make you hesitant about ordering goods online, like a convoluted order and ship process, unresponsive providers, or an influx of hidden charges beyond the first shipping fee.

In addition to a straight-through order-and-ship process, PinoyBoxDelivery guarantees customer service that you can truly rely on. Our customer service agents are trained to have the savvy and commitment of account managers. If you've got a query and need assistance with your order through your PinoyBoxDelivery account, you can expect it to be attended to by a human customer service representative within 24 hours.

Our goal at PinoyBoxDelivery is to provide you with simplified shipping through simplified logistics. All it takes on your part is a few clicks. Check out our shipping rates from your country of choice and place an order with your PinoyBoxDelivery account now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though we are certainly not the only international shipping platform for individuals and businesses in the Philippines, and we do not promise to be the cheapest among these other providers, PinoyBoxDelivery is trusted by customers for the following reasons:

  • An easy and straightforward shopping-to-shipping process
  • A broad network of international shipping partners
  • Utmost transparency at the tracking stage
  • Compassionate and consistent customer service
  • For more info on why we're the top choice of niche entrepreneurs and resellers, check out our customer testimonials.

Placing an international shipping order with PinoyBoxDelivery is simple. All you need to do is create a free PinoyBoxDelivery account, use our warehouse address upon checkout, and check your PinoyBoxDelivery account and email address for updates on your respective orders.

Once you receive an update about your package being ready for shipment, log into your PinoyBoxDelivery account again and pay for your order. All that's left to do is to wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

PinoyBoxDelivery handles shipments for both ocean cargo and air cargo. Please refer to our shipping guidelines per country and method of shipment for exact specifications on weight limit, types of items that can be shipped, and the like.

Check PinoyBoxDelivery's Rates page for baseline prices depending on box size. If you're not sure and if you want more details, don't hesitate to get a quote from PinoyBoxDelivery through our website form.