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Customer Reviews

We make international shipping a breeze so there's nothing stopping you from shopping online especially when you're sourcing limited-edition items that neither you nor your customers can find locally.

In terms of simplicity, as well as quality and reliability of service, PinoyBoxDelivery can't be beaten. See why we've become the number-one choice for both our individual customers and our client businesses. Create an online account with PinoyBoxDelivery now!

What our customers say?


United States-April 11,2023

"I choose Pinoyboxdelivery because there's no additional payment per item that will arrive in the warehouse. And I love that it doesn't bill based on weight."

Donna Bernil Bongat

United Kingdom-March 27,2023

"I choose PBD because of the fee, it's lower than others, and they have lots of warehouses to choose from, very convenient."


United Kingdom-March 27,2023

"Deliveries are fast, and the warehouse are reliable and transparent."


South Korea-February 10,2023

"Easy to communicate with the admins and box rates are easy to understand."


South Korea-February 10,2023

"Great website, kind and friendly staff and officers"


United States-January 7,2023

"Cheaper and can consolidate orders"


United States-December 7,2022

"US staff are very kind, and allows changes and adjustments"


United States-December 7,2022

"I'm already used to the system. I like that I can edit my listing in every box, it makes it easier for me to check which item belongs to which box. US box is very hard and secured. It always comes intact whenever I received it here in the Philippines,"


United States-November 28,2022

"Reliable and Trustworthy. I am satisfied!"


United States-November 24,2022

"What I like about Pinoybox is I can buy as many quantities as I want without limit. Price is reasonable."